A New Version of Cydia Coming Soon

Recently on Twitter, MuscleNerd (hacker and developer) has posted a tweet telling that the new version of Cydia is about to be released and had to work hard for this one. He have also Mentioned the two other hackers / programmers Jay Freeman & chpwn are trying to do their best to make the best Cydia, here’s a screenshot showing the new Cydia.

This is what exactly is written by MuscleNerd:

 Both @Chpwn and @saurik Have been burniing the midnight oil for preparing updated version of Cydia

And this is what the picture says:

Not all of the packages available via Cydia are designed to be used by all users. Please categorize yourself so that Cydia can apply helpful filters.

Google Ads:

The choice can be changed from “settings” under the “Manage” tab (on the iPhone or iPod Touch) or the “Sources” tab (on the iPad)

It seems that these hacker have worked all the night on this new version of Cydia. and it’s possible that the new Cydia might be released anytime soon. It might have some new features in it that we already talked about. It should be available with the jailbreak of iOS 4.2.

UPDATE 1: Here’s how new Cydia looks on the iPad:

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